Organizing a conference is a process that sometimes is quite complicated and requires a rethinking of many issues as well as an excellent organization. We offer professional services at every stage of the event – starting from the project development and ending with providing a relaxing atmosphere. Organizing your conference, we will find the right location with convenient access and parking for participants, we will take care of transport and accommodation and we will develop a program of the whole event. Cracow, like many other large cities, is an excellent location for carrying out such an event, but we have no restrictions in terms of place because our extensive experience and the highest care for each arrangement allows us to derive the same – every time the best results. Properly organized conferences are not just about technical and organizational matters. By entrusting this task to our specialists from Cracow, you provide yourself and all of your participants within your event, a prestigious level of business meeting and a pleasant atmosphere.
We also help with the informal side of the meeting, taking care of the entertainment elements that accompany to the conferences. Thanks to this, each event will be an excellent opportunity to establish new business relationships in a relaxed environment.

Our agency, located in Cracow, organizes conferences throughout the country. We realize how important it is to build the right business relationships during such meetings and that’s why we provide an individual approach to each client. We guarantee the highest level of services, regardless of the nature of the meeting or the scale of a particular project. Conferences perform for you by our team of professionals, show the attention to detail and years of experience as well as knowledge of the specifics of the market, covering not only Cracow but the whole country. We offer comprehensive solutions with full regard to the needs and suggestions of the client, thus ensuring conditions that ensure the highest comfort for the participants of the event.